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Levi & Tarrin Miller, along with the George family, have been participating in Farmer's Markets since 2008. The family has been growing the famous Palisade Peaches among other fruits and veggies since 1964, and continue to move forward towards a more natural, and self-sustaining path for themselves and customers alike. Harvest Colorado produce and goodies can be found at Ball Fruit, a partnering farmstead in Palisade, or at Farmer's Markets all throughout Colorado. Tarrin & Levi, young farmers, enjoy growing and selling produce to local enthusiasts that are excited about the food they eat, and the quality of produce grown by the Harvest Colorado family and partnering local farms. The Millers and Georges support other farmers by bringing produce not grown by the family to your local market for you to enjoy, like Olathe Sweet Corn, Cedaredge apples, and greens when available! Please come get to know your farmer, ask questions, sample good produce, and make lifelong friends! 

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Welcome to Harvest Colorado